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Bethel Lutheran Church,

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Nicanor INC

By God's Grace serving our community

Our Mobile Food Kitchen serves approximately 300 meals a month to people whom are food insecure in Cecil County, Maryland. We host several Food Drops in our area every year. We supply our area homeless and those on fixed budgets with different supplies such as blankets, tents, candles, coats, shoes, clothing, and personal items.  We receive food and supply donations from different sources within our service area. If you would like to be one of our donors please contact us.  

Mike Logan

Development Director  


Mobile Kitchen Schedule

Jean Craig

Board Member  

our leadership team

Heather Logan

Board Member  

Nicanor inc Mobile Food Kitchen M flannery 


By God's grace serving our community.

Agape - Youth Brown Bag Food Program

NicaNor - Mobile Food Kitchen

Glenda Berczik
Board Secretary 

​​Our Agape - Youth Brown Bag Food Program, started four years ago with only one school and 30 children. We have grown our program into twelve schools with over 253 children. We are always looking for volunteers to pack food bags, if your are interested please contact us. Every week volunteers pack and delivery 253 bags of food to elementary school children that contain several meals and 2 snacks. This food is depended upon by more children every week, your donations are vital to ensuring we can provide this outreach. We serve 12 elementary schools in Cecil County.

UpComing programs

Our Agape - Brown Bag Youth  Food Program, is in full swing this school year. We are currently looking for local Youth Groups for fundraising and food drive holiday programs. 

What we do

The volunteers of Nicanor Inc Mobile Food Kitchen and Agape do our best to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our communities. We strive to provide food and other necessities.  

Richard Starr

​Chairman, Board of Directors



More than 100 people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of the Hungry, in our community. Contact us now to find out how to become one of  our partner. 

   I grew up in a rough neighborhood, many nights we did not know when our next meal would come. As a child my family went to food kitchens, without that resource life would have been much harder. There is a growing need in Cecil County, 1 in 8 households are food insecure. We do what we can to help, when we can with whatever we have.  

 "Go in Peace, Be Warm and Be Fed"